The Writer's Life. What happens when a magazine article writer and an artist go From Novice to Novelists. We created the Silver Sisters Mysteries. Now how do my sister Phyllice Bradner and I write together when we live in different states?

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

I've always been interested in writing, but never really tried fiction. My background is all over the place from interior design to the travel industry to sales. I've met people all over the world and quickly realized everyone is not alike in what they want, what is important to them and how they view things. This all feeds into my writing as my sister Phyllice and I create loveable characters for the Silver Sisters Mystery series. I also write on my own and enjoy writing short stories and articles. I'm also working on a mystery/romance/woman in jeopardy book on my own, but that's another story. I've been working on it for about eight years and maybe some day I will finish it. Meanwhile, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, the first Silver Sisters Mystery is in print and also an e-book. There is a possiblity it will also become an audio book. I love listening to audio books as I drive between Las Vegas and Los Angeles which is very frequently. What a kick it would be to listen to my own book!

Friday, October 06, 2006


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